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we are a branding-, design- & communication agency, based in colombia and globally active.

our goal is that your brand bears good fruit, that it grows in positioning and meets its objectives. we believe that in order to achieve this, you have to sow correctly, creating brands with their own identity, intelligent design, communication strategies and campaigns that arouse emotions and connect you with your target audience. ​


we work hand in hand to make good things grow.

why "milpa"?

1. f. milpa is the land where corn is grown.

we believe in planting and harvesting processes and we are committed to sustainable growth.

creamos marcas con identidad, con un posicionamiento claro y una narrativa de marca, que se reflejan en un logo y un sistema gráfico estratégicamente creado para conectarse con su público objetivo.

creamos campañas de comunicación innovadoras y efectivas, siempre en congruencia con la identidad de tu marca y su público, para transformar, conectar y potenciar.

diseñamos de forma inteligente, asegurando estética, funcionalidad e impacto en coherencia con la identidad de tu marca. 

con tácticas innovadoras y experienciales conectamos las marcas con el consumidor, generando posicionamiento, recordación y fruto sostenible.


elizabeth claussen

senior brandketer

she studied advertising and public relations at the university of barcelona, and international development at the london school of economics, as well as several courses in design thinking, corporate social responsibility, and social innovation.

the last 10 years she has lived between cali, colonia, barcelona and berlin.

ingrid claussen

senior brandketer

she studied communication design -with emphasis on sustainable design- in cologne, germany, and graphic design in barcelona. she has been a professor of brand experience at the javeriana university of cali and marketing director for major brands.
she lived 9 years in europe, time in which she founded milpa.

bruno böhmer

senior brandketer

he studied music and art at the folkwang hochshule in germany, composition and production at the berklee college of music in boston, and a master's in advertising design and innovation in brand communication . he lived in germany for 14 years and today he lives with his family in colombia.




casa milpa

calle 27 # 6n -57

barrio santa mónica 

cali, colombia

+57 (2) 372 48 14

+57 310 497 02 08

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