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interested in graphic design?

course: graphic design

what happens in your brain in reaction to different colors? what color best represents you or your brand/project? what typefaces can you choose to communicate more accurately? which forms will best help you represent the idea you want to convey? in this live online workshop you will find the answers to all these questions and the additional ones that arise around visual communication.

what can I expect at the end of the workshop?

each person will start the workshop with a personal graphic design project. for example logo design, interior design, editorial design. this project will be guided by the teacher to be developed during the week.


1st. session-

communication design basics

introduction to visual communication: what is it and what is it for?

2nd session-

color theory

what do I need to know about the market to develop my brand? how can i identify deferences that add value?

3rd. session-


usually, standing in front of a wine rack in a supermarket, you can figure out how much a bottle of wine is worth without first seeing its price. this is because the typography on its label is talking about its quality, its taste, its price...

4th session-


round cushions? oval doors? rectangular logo? shapes help us reinforce messages that we want to convey. What do you convey with each of the geometric figures?

5th session-

end of project

each student presents the project worked on throughout the week and receives personalized feedback from the teacher.


 for whom? 

high school students, communicators, educators, interior designers, marketing and design agencies, etc.



1 week (mon-fri) / 2 hours daily (1 theory hour-1 hour practice)



starts august 2022

6 pm- 7 pm (theory hour)



there are no prerequisites.



$500.000 COP per person

includes: 5 live sessions, each one of 1 hour.

personalized monitoring of individual work.



ingrid claussen

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